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Organisational Environmental and Sustainability Policy Statement


Pace Lawyers Adelaide Legal is committed to sustainable use of resources and legal and regulatory compliance in all of its activities, including obligations under environmental legislation. The firm makes a strong commitment to environmental best practice and the prevention of pollution in its operations. We aim to achieve best practice for others in the legal sector to follow.


We aim to continually improve our performance and conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering the sustainable use of resources, in particular we aim to become a paperless office from 2020, and beyond.


We will achieve this by endeavouring to:


  • Minimise waste-to-landfill and greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our consumption of power, water and natural resources;
  • Maximise our positive environmental benefits, employ environmental considerations in management and procurement decisions and continue to identify new areas for improved performance;
  • Work with our suppliers and other interested parties to continually improve our procedures and processes in environmental best practice;
  • Adopt service delivery methods that minimise the environmental impact of our activities;
  • Choose to offset carbon emissions generated by our activities through a considered choice of power suppliers, amongst more;
  • Ensure any enhancements to our building systems and operations lessen their impact on the environment and use of resources; 
  • Ensure upgrades to mechanical systems, building plant and display lighting will yield reductions in electricity and gas consumption; and
  • Foster the initiation and ownership of environmental activities by our service delivery group, thereby cultivating a strong, environmentally aware business culture.


Our commitment to the firm’s Organisational Environmental and Sustainability Policy Statement will be measured by way of regular evaluation and assessment of our objectives, procedures, processes and results.


Managing Director