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About us

About Us

Pace Lawyers is a boutique law firm of approximately six core professional staff and three core administration staff. Pace is dedicated to the provision of consistent, quality, legal services that meet client expectations as well as all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Pace boasts an enviable client list and is proud not only of its services, but of its collaborative relationship with its clients. We place a strong emphasis on the management of our key account relationships, which we believe to be integral to the successful delivery of solution based outcomes. We aim to keep all communication between us and our clients collaborative, and based on mutual understanding.

We strive to be different; to provide a practical, quality solution to our client’s legal needs, whilst also proactively growing and developing our business in a rapidly changing marketplace.

We value our people

We manage our firm holistically from the ground up; from the high-end support staff in our accounts, administration, marketing and collection teams, to ‘home grown’ and in-house trained junior and senior paralegals and finally through to the lawyers who guide our junior staff and actively market our business, whilst also providing a quality legal service to clients. Everyone has a role to play.

We empower our staff to take an active role in the management of our business and senior staff mentor junior members throughout that process. Our staff are clear on the firm’s values and strategic direction.

We actively engage quality staff, who have a strong sense of empathy towards the client and a strong sense of loyalty towards the firm.

We expect a lot and we invest a lot, in training, mentoring, enabling and empowering. With its varied practice, Pace Lawyers exposes its staff to a wide variety of experiences and challenges, allowing them to innovate and grow as individuals as well as business promoters. We actively empower our staff to manage the business, from the ground up and we mentor them through the process.

We recruit employees who will add value to the business, and who will work collaboratively and communicate positively with our clients. We only employ team members who understand and internalise our values and culture, which includes integrity, competence, teamwork and enthusiasm.

Pace Lawyers has worked hard to develop relationships with new businesses in Adelaide since its inception in 1998, first through the state funded Business Help Line. The most recent incarnation of this small business advice and support service offered by Enterprise Adelaide offers a free half hour consultation with Pace, so that businesses can seek speedy advice at no cost, from a qualified and experienced lawyer. We always look forward to these meetings, as it is a well-suited avenue for us to give back to the business community in Adelaide.

Pace also actively participates in our local community, having offered pro bono presentations and services to organisations such as the Persian Cultural Association of South Australia, Grandparents for Grandchildren and Adelaide Aspire, amongst more. We are also proud to say that our Managing Associate is an active participant in the Flinders University Professional Mentoring Program, ensuring that our in-house training is transferred to a wider audience of students entering the business world.

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